Sarraya the little girl from Alcombey displayed the Arcane arts at a young age. Initially thought to be a sorcerer, it was found that she was in fact a summoner upon the manifestation of her Eidolon Urai the psychopomp, she was shipped away to the Temple of Pharasma (Lady of Graves). Often feared by those who fear death as well as those who do not, due to her escorting the dead to their eventual judgment. During her initial five years of study she learned of the balance of life and death, how to control her powers, fight alongside Urai, learned of those willing to pervert it and the cost it has on this world.


Unbeknown to Sarraya, her brother Andre had turned up to the Temple of Pharasma also seeking guidance of an apparent psycho-pomp Eidolon. Strange that magic blood never flowed in her family before and now not one but two summoners. They were trained separately from each other, as Sarraya was being taught the path of Parasma, while her brother Andre was focusing on control. Everything seemed to go fine until one red summer night, the sound of screaming and Urai’s unease work her. The Temple was under attack from a Demon! Slaughtering many of her friends, teachers and what had become her family.

She steeled herself against the coming horror, when she saw her brother standing beneath him laughing. Charging in exchanging blows with him she shrieked, “WHY DID YOU SELL YOUR SOUL TO IT?”. The fray continued until she realised she could not win. When Andre pressed her knife to his neck and told her to cut it.

“Was she saving him? Was this a trick? Can I do it? Can I kill my brother?” raced through her mind as she faltered. Leading the demon to knock her out and disappear, She woke briefly in Urai’s arms before passing out.

Upon healing it was decided that her blood has dishonored the temple and she should be banished. Sarraya knowing this was the right call left with her head hung low and Urai at her side.

She returned to the family home to find it in ruins and graves for her Mother and Father, not knowing what to do she turned to the only thing she knew how to do. She began hunting down undead and that lead her to adventuring, to get stronger, to serve pharasma, to give her brother a fair death in her eyes.




Sarrya and Urai character sheets


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