The wolf or the imp?

So we recovered Zephyr from the shrine of Air and departed with Sammy to the shrine of earth to pick up Zola. Little did we know the two had prior relations of short that cause friction.

Along the way, we encountered some kind of magically enchanted well, curiously I inspected it and it seemed to contain some kind of wishing magic. Naturally I improved my casting ability with the magic by drinking the water.

We left from the well ignoring the hut attached and pushed down a fork in the road to an impass. Where we were blocked by pixies, upon trying to reason they attacked due to the friction mentioned prior. I suspect due to a past relationship. We slayed them and began seeking the shrine, after convincing her to come with, she used her magic to teleport us back to the shrine of dreams. During that teleport an imp emerged out of Sammy's wolf. I wanted to chase but my compatriots did not.

Shit happened at the shrine, I got offered to be an Oracle and we departed for clear water to resolve the  ghost issue. Upon returning Sammy all seemed well.

I wonder if Zola would be willing to mentor me.



The Ghost and the Challenge

It's odd being called to Epona's shrine or the Shrine of Dreams some may say. Apparently me and my new compatriots are part of some fate to stop the nightmare court. We are "suppose" to gather the other oracles and bring them here. The closest seemed to be the Oracle of Air (Zephyr), so off we headed.


Along the way, on the outskirts of clear water village we encountered raven familiars with some kind of idiotic message, it had nothing on it but their name, if they wanted to say something they should just say it. After handedly defeating the ravens, we headed into the village, to restock and sleep for the night. Turns out due to some curse the villagers are unable to reproduce, suspecting fowl play I did some preliminary searching but found nothing until night. That is when a wail that rivals a banshee sounded, I was awoken immediately and searched for the innkeeper. Only to find she was being possessed by some spirit, she want's us to find some girl named Sammy. If she is human it is unlikely the kid is alive, I worry I may have to slay the ghost on the way back. There is no harm in looking to find a solution that doesn't require fighting.

Urai seems on edge. I don't know if it is the ghost, our new companions or the nightmare court.


In the morning the innkeeper is back to normal. I wondered if she remembered anything. Turns out Sammy is a legend in this village and she does not remember being possessed. With food, we shall head off to the town surrounding the shrine, as the Tengu apparently took Sammy I hope to find answers there.

Upon arrival we enquired about Sammy, Turns out she was half Tengu and that they tend to eat their human parent… Talk about mummy issues. We were directed to the shrine apparently she is some sort of guard. That may be convenient as we need a leg in to take the oracle.


Well I am fucked, I shouldn't have taken so much for Urai, but I need him and he needs me. Luckily the Air Oracle is a healer of sorts and has sealed up my wounds, but I need to rest before we head on the road.


I am worried the nightmare court may take advantage of us having an Oracle.

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